Want That Healthy Glow? Three Tips For Your Best Skin Yet

| by Rebekah Haven, under Skincare and Beauty

No matter where we are in life, every one of us will come face to face with the inevitable fact that we age. Despite our efforts to find the magic ingredient or “Fountain  of Youth” we are always getting older and can’t stop time. Depending on our personal choices and routines, we may show signs of aging slower or faster than those around us. There are countless products on the market that claim to be the absolute best thing for your skin, and some of them are very good. But I think all too often we see the new, shiny stickers on those boxes and decide that it’s the “be all, fix all” and forget about the essentials such as diet and our daily regimen. I fall into this trap from time to time, as I’m sure many do. So I thought I’d do a little research, talk to some doctors and estheticians and put together a list of the top three things we can all be doing right now to preserve our skin and youthful exterior.


The first and best thing you can do for not only your skin, but entire body is drink tons of WATER!! Guys, we need to stay hydrated! We live in Texas after all! If you didn’t know, 60% of our body weight comes from water and that is simply because every cell, organ and tissue in our body needs this fluid to survive. Our skin is an organ, the biggest one we have. It should be a no brainer that we would need to drink plenty of water to keep our skin healthy. Unfortunately, the water we take in has to pass through every other part of the body before it reaches our outer layers. What this means for us is that we need to be super aware of the amount of water we’re drinking because it can easily be used up before it reaches our outer layers. The recommended amount of water is half your bodyweight in ounces. So if someone weighs 120 pounds, they need to be drinking a minimum of 60 oz of water each day. That’s roughly 8 full glasses of water! By drinking the proper amount of water you can expect to see benefits such as brighter complexion, smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles, evening of skin tone and good detoxification. If you happen to be someone who doesn’t love the taste of water, try flavoring with strawberries, oranges or cucumbers.


The next area that has a huge impact on our skin’s appearance and texture is in the foods we eat. We’ve all heard the expression “you are what you eat”. This is so true in our diet because everything we put into our body, good or bad, gets utilized, stored or discarded in one way or another. If we tend to eat fried and processed foods, our body will need to get rid of it somehow. A lot of times it can result in overstoring of fat and excess oils on our skin, particularly the face. This build up of oil causes us to breakout and feel filthy by the end of day. Plus, if you eat pre-packaged and processed meals we end up losing many of the needed minerals and enzymes and we become nutritionally deficient. Studies have shown that eating more natural foods such as almonds, avocados and seeds actually help build up our skin. These different foods carry essential vitamins such as vitamin E and C, along with Omegas that help with the skin’s elasticity and protect against environmental damage. Sticking with these healthier options will help ensure that you aren’t taking in unnecessary doses of toxins, dyes and hormones. Oh, and stay away from excess sugars and carbs! When our bodies have an overabundance of glucose (which is what carbs and sugars break down to), they start to mess with our body’s ability to properly produce and maintain healthy collagen levels. In layman's terms, collagen is what helps with our skin's overall elasticity and texture. When our body is overrun with glucose, our collagen becomes frail and rigid. This, in turn, results in flaky skin, and we are more prone to lines and wrinkles.


The third most important thing we can do for our skin is to help protect against sun damage. We should all know that the sun ages us, and even if we don’t spend hours lying outside, we will still end up seeing the effects. Applying a good layer of sunscreen will help protect against signs of aging and reduce the risk of sunspots and hyperpigmentation. If you’re curious about the proper order for product application, here it is: first wash, follow with a toner, vitamin C if you can (an antioxidant that helps protect against environmental damage), lighter serums to heavier serums and finally moisturizers and eye cream. We always want to apply lighter weight products before the thicker ones to allow for maximum penetration. After all other product are placed, apply the sunscreen to form a protective barrier. You don’t need the most expensive products out there to get results. You can find organic, all natural skin care and more scientifically backed brands at a variety of different price points. Just figure out what’s best for you and your lifestyle! But remember, including a good sunscreen is the first step in protecting your skin and preventing premature aging!


If you don’t know your skin type, or have never received a skin analysis, please stop by anytime to speak with one of our highly trained estheticians. They would love to provide you with a consultation on your current skin concerns and what fits your lifestyle in order to put together a wonderful home care program that will fit your budget. But remember, getting enough water into our system and watching our food choices can be just as important as what we do externally. Also, there are exceptions to the rules when it comes to personal health. There may be certain foods or products that affect you differently than most, and that’s okay! It makes you unique! The key is just finding out the best skin care system for your specific needs and sticking to it!


If you’d like to read further articles regarding healthy skin care, I’ve included a few sources below. As always, we’d love to hear any thoughts or questions you guys have- we’re here for you! Have a great week :)





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